What food supplements to sleep and reduce fatigue?

Chronic fatigue and sleep problems are often associated with stressful situations, but they can also be caused by dietary deficits. Which food supplements to use to solve this deficiency?

The ideal alternative to medication

First of all, it should be noted that there is no “silver bullet” solution to tackling fatigue problems. Indeed, Dr Serge Rafal, specialist in alternative medicine, explains that each sleep disorder has its specific cause, and that each reacts differently to potential treatments. So, before embarking on a medication cycle, don’t hesitate to change your dietary supplement if one of them hasn’t worked for you!

Tryptophan for better sleep

Ideal for providing vitamin B6, tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which is found in particular in meats, eggs, dairy products, legumes … Although essential for a quality sleep, tryptophan can however put a time to be absorbed by our body, and this is why it is very wise to take it as a dietary supplement.

Good to know: because of its “delay” action, the ideal for a better time to fall asleep is to consume it in the course of the afternoon!

compléments alimentaires sommeil

Regulate your internal clock with melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain, which plays a key role in sleep-wake cycles. She is released as soon as the daylight starts to dim, and she is responsible for the process of falling asleep. Dr Rafal specifies that its secretion can however be disturbed by various factors: jet lag, stress, aging …

According to numerous scientific studies, taking melatonin (even at low doses) is particularly effective in resynchronizing the internal clock, and thus allowing much better sleep.

Magnesium to balance your nervous system

This trace element is supposed to be provided through a diverse diet, but however, it is not stored by our body. A magnesium deficiency can then result in various inconveniences, such as disturbed sleep, a feeling of fatigue, cramps … To remedy this, Dr. Rafal recommends taking divided doses of a low-dose magnesium, which will allow in particular a better balance of the nervous system.

What CBD-based food supplements to fight against sleep and fatigue?

compléments alimentaires sommeilNow recognized for its anxiolytic virtues, CBD embodies a very serious avenue for remedying sleep-related problems. As such, some CBD capsules offer a natural combination of different active ingredients, which are then reinforced by the action of CBD.

This is for example the case with our CBD Dreams capsules, which do not contain THC and which are therefore perfectly legal in France and in Europe. They contain a combination of hops and valerian, which calms nervous activity in the brain in a completely natural way, as well as passion flower and a purified extract of hemp.