What food supplement to fight against stress and anxiety?

In these days of confinement all over the planet, stress and anxiety can sometimes be increased. Food supplement can be a natural way that can help fighting against stress and anxiety and allow the body to regulate itself naturally.

How to fight against stress?

To fight stress effectively and naturally, there are several important points that need to be improved:


When you are anxious, you may tend to skip meals, or neglect your diet. Thus, the body has a lot of difficulty in recovering, and finds itself more and more in difficulty, which considerably increases the feeling of ill-being. It is therefore important to follow a balanced and healthy diet.

Physical exercise

Thanks to sport, meditation, yoga or even social and cultural practices, you can improve your morale and restore your motivation, while giving yourself natural, psychological and physical pleasure.

Supplement food

Certain food supplements can allow you to provide your body with active ingredients that are known to work on stress and anxiety.

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Which food supplement can relieve stress or anxiety?

Among the different dietary supplements available and natural, there are several that are widely used to improve stress management:


Passionflower has a sedative and very effective action against spasms, as proven by its use around the world. Studies have also shown that pure passionflower extract has the same anxiolytic effect as the recognized benzodiazepines.


What grandmother did not offer her children or grandchildren a chamomile tea to relax and regain calm and serenity? Whether in the form of an essential oil or herbal tea, chamomile is one of the most widely used herbs to reduce anxiety.


Many studies have highlighted the anti-stress action of lavender, which has been used across people for this action. Recognized as an equally effective anti-inflammatory, it is often found in waiting rooms or areas of high stress.


Valerian is very popular in the form of herbal teas or teas, to have a relieving action on nervousness and stress. It is also known to have a favorable effect on sleep and rest.

Which CBD dietary supplement fights stress?

Capsules de CBD RELAXCBD is one of the active ingredients that can also be found in the list of natural food supplements for relieving anxiety or stress. Numerous studies attest to its effective action, devoid of side or addictive effects.

The RELAX CBD capsules produced by NATUREIGHT laboratories are the perfect compromise for those who want to combine CBD with other natural active ingredients to relieve stress.

By combining CBD, Passionflower, Lavender and Hops, which are also recognized as an anti-stress and calming plant, you can benefit from all that nature does best to regulate your body and reduce your anxiety or your stress.