General Contractual Condition

These Contractual Conditions (henceforth, the “Conditions”) establish the main terms and conditions that solely and exclusively govern the acquisition of goods sold by Abundo Holding S.R.O, through the web portal (henceforth, the “Portal”). We urge consumers to read these Conditions carefully before proceeding to place their orders.


We give notice that these Conditions may vary if a modification of the terms within them occurs, or if they are adapted to the applicable due legislation.




  • Name: Abundo Holding S.R.O
  • Address: Rybna 716/24, Stare Mèsto 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic
  • VAT number: CZ052 32 473
  • Contact Details: info@natureight.com /  +31 (0)43 799 9018



For the purposes of these Conditions, consumer and user shall be understood to mean any natural person who is acting outside of their commercial, business, official or professional activity, as well as legal persons and non-legal entities that are acting with no profit-making intention in a sphere outside of their own business or commercial activity (henceforth, the “Consumer” or the “Consumers”).



These Conditions will govern the Consumer’s purchase of any Abundo Holding S.R.O food supplements whose description and general features are specified in the PRODUCTS section of this Portal (henceforth, the “Product” or the “Products”).


  •  Product Prices

The prices applicable to purchase Products on behalf of the Consumers will be those displayed on the Portal at any given time. All prices will include current rate VAT and will be shown in euros.

The price of Products that are on offer on the Portal will include delivery costs.

  • Payment methods

The payment methods accepted by Abundo Holding S.R.O are:

-Wire transfer

When necessary, Abundo Holding S.R.O will refund the service cost that the payment owning entity charges to Abundo Holding S.R.O , by which the Consumer declares that they expressly acknowledge and accept this additional cost.

  • Invoicing 

Option 1: electronic invoicing

The Consumer can choose an option on the website to receive an electronic invoice in which the operation made via the Portal is recorded. Such invoice will be forwarded by Abundo Holding S.R.O to the Consumer on the email address that they provide for such purpose.

At any time, the Consumer may withdraw their consent for the electronic invoice by sending an email to the address info@natureight.com with the subject line “Paper invoice”. In this email, they must express their withdrawal from electronic invoicing and state the address to which they wish to receive the invoice in paper format. Once the email has been received, Abundo Holding S.R.O. will open a claim and will inform the Consumer of the reference number that has been assigned to their claim. Abundo Holding S.R.O will send the invoice to the Consumer within a period of 35 days counting from the day the Consumer received the reference number assigned to their claim.

Option 2: paper invoice

Once the order has been placed and paid by the Consumer, Abundo Holding S.R.O will send the corresponding invoice to the invoicing address provided by the Consumer during the purchasing process, if the consumer asks for it.



After placing the order and its subsequent payment, Abundo Holding S.R.O will transmit to the consumer the order confirmation by email, which will state:

  • Assigned order number
  • Order date
  • Consumer contact details
  • Delivery address and, when applicable, invoicing address
  • Products
  • General Contractual Conditions

The order placed by the Consumer will not be deemed as accepted by Abundo Holding S.R.O if the corresponding confirmation email has not been forwarded to them.


  • Place of delivery

Abundo Holding S.R.O will delivery the Products to the address given by the Consumer for such purpose. Abundo Holding S.R.O distributes his Products only in European Union countries.

  • Delivery methods

Express delivery: Once the order has been confirmed, Abundo Holding S.R.O will proceed to its preparation and deliver it to the transport agency (henceforth, the “Agency”). The Consumer will receive the Product or Products acquired at the address provided for such purpose within the following 24/72 working hours, counting from the moment the product is picked up by the Agency, providing that stock and availability conditions allow it, and informing the Consumer of these circumstances.

  • Delivery costs

Natureight covers all shipping costs for all orders over 59 euros.

For orders under 59 euros, transport fee is 9,99 euros.

  • Delay in receiving Order deliveries

If Abundo Holding S.R.O does not comply with its obligation to deliver the Order within the periods indicated in section 6.2, the Consumer must indicate a new additional delivery deadline. If Abundo Holding S.R.O does not deliver the Order within the additional new delivery period, the Consumer will have the right to resiliate the contract.

The provision of a new additional delivery period for the Order will not be allowed in the following cases: (i) when Abundo Holding S.R.O has rejected the delivery of these Products, (ii), when the Products are not available, (iii), if the delivery deadline is essential or (iv) when the Consumer has informed Abundo Holding S.R.O before formalizing the purchase that it is essential to deliver Products before a specified date or on a specified date.  In such cases, if Abundo Holding S.R.O does not comply with its obligation to deliver Orders within the corresponding delivery period via the method selected, then the Consumer will have the right to resiliate the contract immediately.

Once the contract has been terminated due to an unjustifiable delay in delivering the Products, Abundo Holding S.R.O must proceed to reimburse, without any undue delay, all amounts paid by the Consumer thereunder.


  • Legal Guarantee

In compliance with the terms of the law in force, we remind you that Abundo Holding S.R.O will take responsibility for any lack of compliance regarding Products with the sales contract formalized via the Portal, in the terms outlined by the law in force.

  • Consumer’s right of withdrawal

Apart from the exceptions outlined in article 103 of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, the Consumer will be able to exercise his right to withdraw from the contract formalized with Abundo Holding S.R.O through the Portal, without needing to justify their decision and without any penalization, apart from the case that the product was unsealed.

Formalities for withdrawal

The right of withdrawal will be deemed legitimately exercised on behalf of the Consumer through sending the withdrawal document and the Product or Products acquired to the address of Abundo Holding S.R.O which is indicated in these Conditions.

Deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal

The Consumer will have a period of 14 calendar days in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, counting from the day on which they received the Product.

Effects of withdrawal

When the Consumer has exercised the right of withdrawal, the sales contract of the Products will be ineffective, and Abundo Holding S.R.O. must return the amounts paid by the Consumer without retaining any costs, as it is stated in the terms established in the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users. The reimbursement of these amounts must be carried out without undue delay and, in any case, before 14 calendar days have passed from the date on which they were informed of the decision to withdraw fom the contract by the Consumer.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Consumer will have to pay the delivery costs for the return of Products.

  •  Withdrawal form

(You must only fill out and send this form to the email address info@natureight.com if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

-For the attention of Abundo Holding S.R.O., Rybna 716/24, Stare Mèsto , 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

-I hereby give notice that I withdraw from the contract of sale of the goods ordered on [date] and received on [date]

-Name of the consumer and user:

-Address of the consumer and user:

-Signature of the consumer and user (only if this form is submitted in paper form)

-Place and date



For any clarification, claim or complaint, the Consumer will be able to get in contact with Abundo Holding S.R.O.Customer Service (henceforth, “CS”) via:

  • Email to the following email address info@natureight.com
  • Written communication forwarded to the Abundo Holding S.R.O. address indicated in the Primary Condition, for the attention of CS.

Abundo Holding S.R.O. is committed to dealing with your requests in the shortest possible time and always within a maximum period of a month from the day on which they were made.