What dietary supplement for concentration?

Everyone is faced with a blackout in their life or with difficulty concentrating. Where are my keys? What keeps me from being focused after eating or when I’m stressed? These little worries can have several causes, such as a feeding problem, or a long period of fatigue. What dietary supplement can help strengthen concentration or memory?

How can I improve my concentration or memory?

To improve concentration or memory, it is important to understand the causes of these ‘failures’:


Chronic fatigue is one of the most frequent causes of concentration problems. When the body is tired, it gives less energy to its current wakefulness and concentrates on its vital needs. Stress, anxiety or lack of sleep can also lead to concentration problems. In other words, any psychological or physical situation leading to a drop in energy and an increase in nervous or physical fatigue can lead to a decrease in concentration.


Memory problems or memory lapses have similar causes to those that cause concentration problems. Fatigue and sleep problems are the main culprits, as they favour memory lapses or difficulties in getting the memory to function normally. There are also other key factors, such as stress, but also traumatic events or excessive consumption of toxic or harmful products.

Thus, it is possible to help improve concentration or memory by providing the body with active ingredients that can correct all these ailments or deficiencies. Nature has provided us with many healthy and effective molecules to help us regain a solid memory and optimum concentration.

complément alimentaire concentration

Which dietary supplement to use for concentration or memory problems?


Ginseng is well known for invigorating tired people, restoring physical capacity to execute work, enhancing intellectual concentration and reducing stress.

Le magnésium

Le magnésium participe de façon générale au bon fonctionnement du corps humain, en réduisant la fatigue et le stress, et en régulant facilement le sommeil. Il est également reconnu pour son aide à la concentration, grâce à ses puissants effets stabilisateurs sur la concentration ou l’apprentissage par exemple.


Melissa is a plant which has stood out as a natural remedy in overcoming irritability and anguish. It contributes to an optimal relaxation.


Curcuma is one of the spices most used in traditional medicine to improve memory: many studies have since highlighted its involvement in protecting the brain and reducing inflammation.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is used in Chinese Traditional Medicine during more than 4000 years to strengthen cerebral functions, fight memory losses and improve concentration.

Hemp seed oil

Thanks to its high supply of nutrients, especially omegas, hemp seed oil helps to strengthen the body and the tired nervous system which can cause concentration or memory problems.

What is the most suitable dietary supplement to improve concentration?

complément alimentaire concentrationIn order to strengthen your concentration capacity and your memory, NATUREIGHT laboratories have selected the most active and recognised plants to relieve and strengthen the body in these different areas.

At any age, memory and concentration may not be lacking, but may seem to be insufficient to meet the needs of everyday life. The causes may be due to a variety of factors, including a lack of essential nutrients, poor blood supply, and premature aging of tissues.

Our dietary supplements Focus capsules of CBD can provide a major help in your daily life in a natural way: they combine several active ingredients from plants to reinforce the action of CBD and offer benefits that have been recognised for thousands of years.

Offering 10 mg of high quality CBD per capsule, they will allow you to naturally regain greater concentration and attention.

They are composed of CBD, a cannabinoid from hemp known to reduce inflammation and promote concentration, but also of hemp seed oil, Melissa, Gingseng and Gingko Biloba: the most powerful natural active ingredients to help you regain a vivid memory and perfect concentration.