Depending on its needs, CBD can be taken differently to optimize its effect and maximize its presence in the body. Many people wonder when is the right time to take full advantage of its Cannabidiol intake? When to take CBD? Answers in this article:

The right time depends on the product used

The best time to use your CBD depends totally on the mode of administration you have choosen (oil, capsule, creams, etc .). Indeed, each type of intake having a particular path of access to the body (mucous membranes for oil, digestion for capsules, epidermis for creams, etc …), the duration and effectiveness of CBD will vary according to these.

Which CBD product should you choose?

There are different types of administration methods to benefit from CBD. We already told you about them in this article: Which CBD product should I choose?

As a reminder, here are the best known means of use:

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CBD oil

CBD capsules

CBD creams



When should I take my CBD?

Once the product has been selected, it is important to understand the concepts below in order to use it effectively. However, you can also rely on the following information to define an administration method that best meets your expectations in terms of use and practicality :

CBD oil

CBD oil is the most recognised and widely used method of administration : it is combined with a fatty substance (vegetable oil from olive or hemp seeds). Thus, you can benefit from a very precise intake in terms of CBD mg, almost milligrams per milligram.

This CBD oil is deposited under the tongue, directly on the mucous membranes, which is called ‘sublilingual’: the CBD is assimilated by the body via these mucous membranes, and therefore very quickly diffused into the bloodstream: approximately 10 to 20 minutes after its deposition, the CBD is already present in the blood. For some people, however, the feeling can be a little longer: from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

CBD oil is therefore optimal for those who want to benefit from an accurate supply of CBD fairly quickly: it is the preferred means of users at the moment. To optimise its use, it is best to take it 3 times a day, preferably during meals: morning, midday and evening.

CBD oil can therefore be used for a need for rapid CBD action: during a crisis, or when there is a feeling of unease, for example. In several tens of minutes, the CBD will be in action to relieve your body.

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CBD capsules

You can also consume CBD by using CBD capsules: CBD is combined with other natural active elements, to reinforce its action and take advantage of other natural benefits of plants. They can be consumed like normal capsules/capsules: by swallowing them with a large glass of water during meals.

In the case of the capsules, they are assimilated by the body via the digestive system: the effects are therefore only felt a few hours after consumption, depending on the digestive systems of the consumers. On the other hand, CBD is present in the bloodstream for a longer period of time, so the effects can be felt over a longer period of time.

CBD capsules are therefore optimal for those who do not like the taste of CBD oil, and who want to enjoy Cannabidiol in an intense way and over a longer period of time. They are to be used during meals, morning, noon and evening. However, as CBD capsules take time to take effect, they are not the most suitable for a quick need during a crisis.

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CBD creams

CBD creams are made of CBD and other natural molecules found in nature. They are very easy to use: just apply a small amount of cream to the localized areas and massage to let the cream penetrate the epidermis.

The best time to use them depends on the needs. For those who want to moisturize, relieve and strengthen the epidermis, simply apply once or twice a day. For those who want to act quickly on skin diseases, itching, redness or pimples, daily application three times a day is the most suitable.

CBD: when to take it?

When to take my CBD? The best time to use CBD therefore depends on how you choose to consume it. To summarize, we can define the following tips:

CBD oil: daily requirement in mg of CBD to be used in 3 distinct intakes: morning, midday and evening, during meals, or directly during the crisis. Optimal for rapid and effective relief.

CBD capsules: you must also separate your CBD intake in capsule form into 2 or 3 during meals: morning, midday and evening. They are to be preferred for constant needs in terms of CBD.

CBD creams: to be applied regularly during the crisis, or twice a day for an in-depth treatment. They are of course only suitable for skin problems.