To be able to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol, you must first select the most appropriate mode of administration for your needs. Choosing the use of CBD oil or CBD capsules may influence its effects. We will explain why. How to use and take CBD?

How to take CBD?

In order to deliver the daily dose of CBD to the body, several delivery system have been developed. Indeed, depending on the method you choose, the effects of CBD can be felt in a more or less intense and long-lasting way:

CBD oils

CBD oil is probably the easiest CBD-containing product to use and take. In Cannabidiol oil, you will find two components: CBD-rich hemp extract and vegetable oil. The latter allows, on the one hand, to reinforce the diffusion of CBD in your body, and on the other hand, to provide it with essential nutrients for its proper functioning.

You have to deposit, drop by drop (thanks to a dropper pipette), CBD oil under the tongue. Once the desired number of drops has been administered, you must wait about thirty seconds to allow the oil to penetrate the mucous membranes of the palate, before swallowing it.

In this way, CBD is quickly (10 to 20 minutes) present in the blood, via its passage through the mucous membranes. The effects are therefore felt fairly quickly: around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

In our Natureight products, you will find several concentrations, in two different types of oils:

  • Gold: CBD GOLD oil, available in 3%, 6% and 10%, contains a hemp extract rich in CBD, which has been free of traces of chlorophyll and wax: its taste is more pleasant and less strong.
  • Entourage: CBD ENTOURAGE oil, available in 3%, 5% and 10%, contains a hemp extract rich in CBD, which has not been totally deprived of its chlorophyll and wax: its taste is strong, but it contains more active ingredients.

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CBD capsules

Cannabidiol capsules combine the action of the CBD with those of other natural active ingredients. Incorporated into natural vegan capsules, CBD capsules generally contain a hemp extract rich in CBD, plants or active ingredients that help to strengthen the action of CBD but also provide their own therapeutical effects.

If you want to avoid the taste of CBD oils, the capsules are made for you: just swallow them with a large glass of water, during a meal. Their transport boxes allow you to enjoy your daily dose of CBD wherever you go, in complete safety.

The effect of the capsules takes a little longer to be felt because they pass through the digestive system. However, once digested, they allow you to feel the action of CBD in a stronger and more intense way, depending on how much you take. This is the perfect way to get the most out of the action of Cannabidiol in your body throughout the day or night.

Our Natureight capsules are capsules recognized in Europe for their effectiveness and action: innovative, they combine Cannabidiol in its most effective form, with various natural active plant extracts, according  on your needs:

  • FLEX : in FLEX capsules, CBD is perfectly combined with white willow, cat’s claw, acerola and horsetail. If your joints and muscles hurt, these capsules will help you get back into shape and  give you back your smile.
  • RELAX : Cannabidiol RELAX capsules offer CBD reinforced with passionflower, hops, and lavender. By combining these forces of nature, it will help reduce your stress and regain your well-being.
  • DREAMS : in these capsules, CBD is associated with hops, valerian, and passion flower. Together, these active ingredients allow you to regain balanced and deep nights.

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CBD creams

CBD creams combine a hemp extract rich in CBD with other active ingredients that nature have given us. They make it possible to enjoy the benefits of CBD directly on the skin. CBD oil can also be applied to localized areas.

CBD e-liquids

CBD e-liquids are composed with a normal e-liquid fluid and Cannabidiol. They are consumed with normal electronic cigarette, and they vaporize CBD, without unfortunately being able to quantify its contribution.

Which product should I choose to use and take CBD?

  • Would you like to benefit from a fast and efficient CBD supply? Choose CBD oils
  • Do you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD throughout the day, in an intense way? Choose CBD capsules
  • If you want to apply CBD to your skin, you can use our CBD oils for local application as well. Our Natureight cosmetic range will be available within a few weeks.

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How should I dose my CBD?

In order to use and take CBD safely, a very simple protocol must be followed. Start with low intakes, spaced throughout the day (morning, noon and evening), then increase your daily dose until you feel the desired effects.

  • For CBD oil, start with one drop, in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. After 2 days, if you don’t feel any effect of Cannabidiol, increase by one drop until you find the right dosage.
  • Concerning the CBD capsules, it is very simple: each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD. Start by taking one in the morning or in the evening, depending on your needs. Then, you can add one more dose at lunchtime and in the evening. If necessary, double the dose.


Dr. Javier Pedraza,
Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
Consultant in treatments with cannabis and derivatives


Natureight products are food supplements by nature and not pharmaceutical products. The medical opinion of Dr Pedraza does not include recognition of medical qualities of Natureight products.