What is CBD oil?

Certainly the most recognized way to use Cannabidiol, CBD oil is now one of the most widely used products to reduce stress during these times of pandemic. What is CBD oil? How to use it ? Zoom on the subject with our dedicated article.

CBD oil: the most known way to benefit from CBD

CBD is now on everyone’s lips: increasingly known in recent years, it is one of the most popular natural products today for enhancing well-being and relaxation during confinement.

There are different ways of administration to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but CBD oil seems to be the best known of all: it is a convenient and precise way to consume your daily CBD dosis requirement.

CBDWhat is Cannabidiol oil made of?

CBD oil is made up of two main raw materials:

  • Vegetable oil, which can be olive, hemp seed or even coconut oil. As a fatty substance, it allows a better absorption of CBD by the body and also provides its bed of nutritional benefits.
  • Hemp extract rich in CBD: directly derived from hemp, it contains all the active ingredients of the plant: cannabinoids (with CBD in large quantities), terpenes and flavonoids. Together, they support the action of CBD, and strengthen it. Of course, it must not have traces of THC to be legal in France and Europe.

How to use CBD oil?

To use CBD oil, it’s very simple: you just have to shake your bottle well, place a few drops under your tongue, wait 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow with or without a glass of water. 

As it passes through the mucous membranes under the tongue, CBD will quickly be released into your blood and allow you to feel the effects after 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Each of the NATUREIGHT oils contain a precise amount of CBD per drop:

  • 3% Gold CBD: Number mg CBD / drop: 1.2mg CBD
  • 6% Gold CBD: Number mg CBD / drop: 2.4mg CBD
  • 10% Gold CBD: Number mg CBD / drop: 4mg CBD
  • 20% Gold CBD: Number mg CBD / drop: 8mg CBD

Which CBD oil to choose?

To select a suitable CBD oil for your needs, it is important to check three points:

  1. The CBD-rich hemp extract that is used: does it contain all of the plant’s active ingredients? How is it extracted? Is it THC free?
  2. Vegetable oil: is organic vegetable oil? Does it show traces of pesticides or other fertilizers?
  3. The company that produced this oil: does it use a controlled and hygienic production process? Are product analyzes available for each product offered?

Natureight CBD oils are the products that best meet these needs in Europe: they come from one of the most reputable companies in the field of CBD, which masters its production from seed to final product. The hemp used is organic and allows you to take advantage of a hemp extract rich in CBD, more complete than other CBD hemp extracts: the extraction process does not exceed 72 ° C, which allows to keep the whole active coumpounds of hemp. Finally, organic hemp seed oil provides a delicious natural taste.

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