CBD and Cardiovascular Protection

Considering CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential, there are some studies that indicate this effect can be of particular interest when it comes to heart tissue inflammation.

One of them (Lee WS et al., 2016) found that CBD could be useful in the treatment of myocarditis, which is basically an inflammation of the heart muscle (myo- muscle, cardio- heart, itis- inflammation). This anti-inflammatory effect was verified by the decrease in CD3 and CD4 cells activity, which are pro-inflammatory cytokines.

In other studies, and perhaps of greater interest, they noted a reduction in the size of the myocardial infarction (induced) in rabbits and with CBD subsequently administered (Feng Y et al., 2015). The infarct was induced by cutting off the blood supply of one of the coronary arteries for 90 minutes (similar to what happens when someone suffers a heart attack). The rabbits that received CBD doses after this reduction in blood supply showed greater and faster cardiac tissue recovery than those that received placebo.

As heart problems are among the most significant causes of mortality in our days, it would be quite interesting to consider CBD use as a preventive-protective therapy against any possible damage our current pace (or way of life) can inflict on one of our most precious organs: our heart.



Dr. Javier Pedraza,
Spécialiste en médecine familiale et communautaire
Consultant dans les traitements au cannabis et dérivés

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