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Natureight produces its food supplement with whole plant extracts. CBD products are much more effective when the molecule remains associated with other cannabinoids and substances present in the hemp plant (Terpenoids, flavonoids…): It is the Entourage Effect.



Natureight food supplements are tested and checked during the entire manufacturing process in order to guarantee quality and optimum security.

100% natural

plant extracts

Natureight uses only natural plant extracts. All the ingredients are also certified as “Food Grade”.



    HACCP is a management tool for internationally recognized risks, which particularly allows for:
  • The improvement and maintenance of the safety level of products and the management of critical points
  • Awareness of risks likely to affect the production chain
  • Giving proof of compliance with regulations



Natureight is making every effort to limit its carbon footprint, by not using any pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizer or additives. In addition, all Natureight products are 100% vegan.



The cannabis plants used by Natureight are grown from seeds certified by the French cooperative C.C.P.S.C., in order to guarantee a THC level less than 0.2% and thus, to respect European legal requirements.

The Word of Dr. Pedraza

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Cannabis Timeline as a Remedy

A plant with multiple virtues

To better understand the uniqueness within a CBD molecule, it is important to retrace the various uses of the original plant, Cannabis sativa L.

For over 10 000 years, this plant has been incredibly useful. Our ancestors depended on its extremely strong fiber, its cellulose-rich pulp and its highly nutritious seeds. It was not until the 1930s that the United States began to demonise the plant’s properties and outlawed all use of it, with Europe following suit. However, throughout the history of mankind, hemp has been used for food, for heating, for house building, and to make paper, rope and sails. Actually, It has also been used for healing.

We have listed below some key dates throughout the history of cannabis.

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